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Standard bourdon tube pressure gauge, copper alloy


For pneumatic and heating system applications

For machine and industrial applications

Design per 837-1

Medical engineering

Reliable and cost-effective

Different customized versions available


For gaseous and liquid media which are not highly viscous, do not crystallize and do not attack copper alloys. 

For measuring gas or vapour, these gauges must be used in accordance with the table  Selection Criteria as pre EN 837-2.

Nominal size in mm

50,  63,  80,  100,  160

Accuracy Class (according to EN837-1)

Cl1.6:  50,  63,  80  

Cl1.0:  100, 160

Measuring ranges

-1  0bar to -1  15bar

0  0.6bar to 0  1000bar

Application area

Steady: 3/4 X full scale value

Dynamic load: 2/3 X full scale value

Short term: Fully scale value

Operating temperature range

Ambient: -20 . +60

Medium: +60 maximum

Temperature performance

When the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature (+20): max.0.4%/10k of the spa

Degree of protection

IP65 (EN 60529)

Process connection

Copper alloy, bottom or centre back

NS 50, 63 G1/4B  -- SW14

NS 80, 100, 160  bottom G1/2B C spanner size SW22

NS 80, 100, 160  bottom back G1/4B C spanner size SW14

Pressure elementCopper alloy
60bar  C type tube
60bar   helical tube
MovementCopper alloy
DialAluminium, white,
Dial marking black and red
PointerAluminium, black
CaseStainless Steel 304
WindowClip-in plastic
Filling liquidGlycerine(99.5%)


Other process connection, the connection thread can be PT, NPT, BSPT etc.

Special scales

Filling liquid C Silicone oil

Panel mounting bezel

Steel case

3-hole fixing, panel mounting bezel

Other special versions

Glycerine filled bourdon tube pressure gauges

NS 40 50 63 80 100 160