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GIS Termination(Plug-in)

YJZGG(D)-B: Indoor

Rated Voltage : 48/66kV, 56/77kV, Cable cross section: 95 - 1600mm2

Rated Voltage : 64/110kV, 76/132kV, Cable cross section: 240-2000mm2

Rated Voltage : 127/220kV Cable cross section: 240-3000mm2

The stress cone is made of imported EPDM. The surface pressure between the stress cone and the epoxy bushing is maintained by the spring device(stress cone bracket) so that the press of interface is kept permanently during the course of running. This structure can overcome the disadvantage or defect from material aging.

The termination is whole dry type , no oil, eliminate the problem of leakage.

Compact, light, weight, and small volume, Easy to install.

The connecting between termination and cable is plug-in type easy to install and maintain.

Plug-in type GIS termination suits to the connection between power cable and transformer. It cancels the oil/oil bushing or oil/gas bushing and save a lot of space.

Add connector to short type plug-in GIS termination, it can be used in GIS equipment (long type GIS termination kits).