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Premould Termination

YJZW14 For IV grade pollution

Rated Voltage : 48/66kV, 56/77kV, Cable cross section: 95 - 1600mm2

Rated Voltage : 64/110kV Cable cross section: 240-1600mm2

Rated Voltage : 76/132kV Cable cross section: 240-2500mm2

The product is pre-formed in the facto y and adopts a seamless manufacturing process. 

It greatly increases the mechanical and electrical performance of the termination.

Good weather resistant, anti-tracking, electrical corrosion and drain off water performance. Ensure the Termination run in bad weather condition and high pollution zone safely.

Light weight, only 1/ 8--1/10 weight of porcelain type with same voltage easy to install.

No danger of explosion.

The termination is whole dry type, no oil. It can avoid oil leakage and other related accidents during running. 

It can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Easy to install and maintain.