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YJJTI Straight through joint

Straight Through Joint and Insulation Joint

YJJJI Insulation joint
YJJTI Straight through joint

Rated voltage: 21/35kV, 26/35kV, suitable cross section: 25-800mm2
Rated voltage: 48/66kV, 56/77kV, 64/11OkV, 76/132kV, suitable cross section: 185-1600mm2
Rated voltage:  127/220kV, suitable cross section: 240-2500mm2

The joint has an compact structure, easy to install. Long creeping distance for rubber insulation unit, suitable for the special humid area.

Outer protective shell adopts the structure of high-strength protective shell and waterproof insulation sealing. It has advantages of good mechanical protective, good sealing property and good anti-corrosion which will ensure the termination can be run safely on the bad weather  condition.

Good anti-explosion property. No worry about the dangerous of fragment damage caused by accident

To improve the waterproof  property, it can provide glass fiber protection shell, pouring CL-8010 insulation paste inside