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YJJFQ-II Vertical

Branch Joint(SF6 Gas Type)

YJJFQ-I Horizontal
YJJFQ-II Vertical

Rated Voltage :    64/110kV  Cable cross section: 240-1600mm2

There are three sets of universal socket pre-mould in the cabinet of the branch joint, use SF6 gas as inner insulation, the cable connector will completely isolate from the SF6 gas, no need of filling or escaping gas during the installation, easy to  install and  maintain.

Its equipped with explosion-proof device, pressure gage, alarm apparatus and fill/escape valves, those can help to know and adjust the air pressure in the cabinet , ensure the safe and stable operation.

JJFQ-1 (horizontal type) branch joint


JJFQ-11 (vertical type) branch joint