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H Shape Branch Joint


Rated voltage: 6/10(12)kV, 8.7/15(17.5)kV, suitable cross section: 25-300mm2
Rated voltage:   21/35kV, 26/35kV    suitable cross section: 240-2500mm2
Single core or three core XLPE insulation power cable

¡° H¡± shape  branch joint  is  totally  a  new  1OkV  and  35kV  cable  branch joint  that developed  by our company, it abandon the  traditional  structure  in current market, with novel£¬compact and practical structure . It can utmost make three branches(that means four loops), or make double connection(means two loops) or two branches(means three loops),  and  add other  branches  when  need. ¡°H¡± shape  branch joint  is designed  based on the installation and operation environment of current cable accessory field, combine  molding process of our  company, it¡¯s a  promising  product in market. We got national patent in 2004, the patent number is 20042003510.8.