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35kV Plug-in Type Termination(GIS Termination)

YJZGG: Indoor type


Rated voltage: 21/35kV, 26/35kV

Suitable cable cross section: 50 C 630mm2 

Plug-in type termination adopts pre-mold stress cone with epoxy  bushing (3#  socket) structure, use cone shape bracket with spring to hold the stress cone on the inner cone wall of epoxy bushing tightly; the stress cone is made of imported silicone rubber and processed by imported rubber injection molding equipment, the termination is a dry type, no need of any insulation paste, easy to maintain. With advantage of compact structure, excellent property, easy installation and many years operation experience, this type of termination enjoyed high popularity in the market. Also we can supply 1#, 2# socket and lated materials.

It adopt the compacts structure of wiping sleeve integrated with spring, hold the stress cone tightly in the inner cone wall of epoxy bushing, this can overcome the shortage of elastic relaxation of stress cone caused by the material aging and poor contact of stress cone and cable semi-cond. Layer, which make sure the termination will operate safely in

The termination is a dry type, no need of any insulation custing paste, so it will avoid the problem of material aging due to the stress cone immersed in the insulation custing paste for long time which will improve the service life; meanwhile, it will completely eradicate the oil leakage during its operation period.